Holden Narrator

Holden is the narrator in the book. Comparing his life to mine would unfair. There are so many differences between out two lives. For example he was sent off to school to a place where he knew no one. When i went to school i had know friends my entire time. There is another big ex sample he has no parents watching over him asking where he is and what he is doing, he leaves his school and spends 3-4 days alone in a hotel in New York and he is only 16 years old. My parents are always asking for my plans where i am and what i am doing, my parents would freak out if i left school and spent 3 days in a hotel alone. Our two lives are completely different he loves to fence and i love to go to the beach. If i were to narrate my life as holden does i would not say anything that would resemble what he would say.  


My first impressions on Holden was that he is one of those guys who are very smart but don’t care about learning anything. He is very judgmental and does not have a strong vocabulary. He is not very social with people he meets . If Holden were to be transferred to Drake he would not fit it right away he does not have all off the classy things that kids in Marin do. He would have to find his own clique with people that like to fence and are judgmental. He defiantly would not fit in and he would not have many friends.

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my response to the blog post was about popularity how she wanted to be friends with the most popular girl. She wanted to impress Candice to become her friend so every one will know her. One experience i had with trying to impress some one in Water polo was when i really wanted to make a goal in a close game so i took a shot i should not have shot and i missed the cage and i did not make